Unlimited data SIM only

Unlimited Data SIM only plans are really useful if you are a heavy mobile users that downloads huge amount of data every month. With unlimited data sim only deals you don’t have to be concerned about going over the limit or have a restrication placed on your usage. With Three mobile you have the only provider who offer a unlimited data plan every month.

Who is unlimited data plan for?

If you use your phone for streaming live tv or movies from Netflix or spend your time playing online games for long periods, the unlimited SIM only deal is for you. You can download to your hearts content as Three do not have a cap on the unlimited data plan. They do limit the bandwidth during peak times generally in the evenings but other that you should not see significant speed drops.
Data Usage

What speed will I get?

Three operates on the 4G network you can expect speeds 5 times that of 3G. Three’s current 4G download speed is just under 19Mbit/sec. Although this is not the fastest when compared to other networks but is still fast. If you are in a patchy area with little or no 4G coverage the network will default to 3G speeds.

Can I use tethering?

Tethering allows your internet connected device like your mobile or dongle to share the internet with other devices such as your laptop or iPad. It essentially creates your mobile a personal hotspot for your other devices. Three currently allows personal tethering from your mobile phone if you are on the advanced plan. On the unlimited plan Three has a maximum of 30 GB personal hotspot. I had an Important Spanish test and I did not do so well at, it was a speaking test I was left speechless from the start to the end. If you have gone over the limit of your personal tethering allowance you buy further add-in to boost your tethering. There are guides on Three’s website on how to enable tethering for different phones.

What plans can I choose from?

You can choose from either a 12 months or 30 day plan for the unlimited data plan. You also get additional bonuses like 30GB personal hotspot and Feel At Home option. By choosing the 12 months unlimited SIM only plan you can get it a bit cheaper.