Switch to SIM only

What is SIM only?

SIM only is just that a SIM card only deal. You will not get a mobile phone. If you want a mobile phone with the deal then you would have to source one yourself. This saves you money with a 3 SIM only plan.

Mobile phones out of contract can be purchased from many places now. If you needed a phone cheap you can buy unlocked ones relatively cheaply or even consider a used phone.

Unlimited Data

Three is the only mobile in UK, which truly offers an unlimited SIM only plan. Furthermore, you also get 30GB of hotspot data. You really have to be a heavy data user or a person that wants piece of mind about not going over data limits. If you do not want to pay for unlimited internet data, you can choose from the other plans, which also offers huge amount of data up to 30 GB.

Shorter contracts

You can choose from30 day contracts or 12 months deals, when compared to mobile contract deals, which are as long as 24 months. If you already have a mobile handset, you surely do not want to be on a contract of 24 months if you are satisfied with your current phone with which you can also save bucket loads of cash. The pay monthly 12 month’s deal is also cheaper per month than the monthly deal. They also give you the opportunity to get the best minutes, texts and data, while also giving you the flexibility to change tariffs when your situation changes.

Upgrade your handset when you want

As you are in control of what handset you use with the SIM only deal. You can choose to upgrade your mobile when it is convenient for you. If you are waiting for the latest phone to be released you can be on a SIM only deal until such time as the phone is available then avail yourself with the latest mobile you have been waiting for. As you own the handset you can then choose to sell the phone in the next upgrade cycle and earn money towards your new mobile.

Saves you money

We all know how fantastic SIM only deals. What is not commonly known is that you can save hundreds of pounds every year just by simply swapping out your SIM card. If you were to buy the latest handset outright then jump on to a SIM card deal you can save a significant amount. Mobile networks subsidise the cost of the handset on a mobile contract deal and they spread the cost over the duration of the contract, costing you more money.

Another way to save even more money is to explore cash back offers available from Quido. These types of deals are far more lucrative with greater savings.