3 SIM only

3 SIM only deals are now a mobile users favourite choice of contract. Users now have many options when it comes to the different types of deals available. You can choose from SIM only, mobile contract deals or pay as you go as the various choices now on offer. The SIM only contract provides the most value for users and with Three you get the best plans available.

Which SIM card do I get?

As the SIM only name suggests you will not get a handset with your mobile phone. Once you have agreed on the plan you will receive a multi SIM (subscriber identity module).  This can be used on different types of phones. There are three popular size SIM cards, standard SIM for older phones the Micro SIM and Nano SIM. The nano SIM is for newer phone. Once you have received your SIM, you can just pop out the correct SIM that is suitable for your type of phone.  All you need to do next is insert it in to the phone to activate. Furthermore, when you order your 3 SIM only plan you get to choose the type of SIM needed for your handset so that there is no confusion on what you will receive.

3 SIM only ideal for visitors

If you have just travelled into the UK you can save loads of money by hopping onto a 3 SIM only deal. Not only are they cheap but there is no long contract for you to worry about. If you want to stay on the plan for one month or six months no issue, you just continue to pay your monthly fee until you want to leave. With Three UK, you also get plentiful amount of data and can top up when you need the extra boost of minutes or data.

Is there a Credit Check?

There is a credit check with 3 SIM only deals but if you feel that you may not pass this you could consider a pay as you go deals. Pay as you go is very simple you buy a prepaid top up and you can only use the allowance you have paid for.

No long-term contract

It is a common scenario in that a person may go on a lengthy contract of 24 months and find that they either lose or damage their new phone.  This can happen for some early on in their contract. Without insurance cover or spare money to replace their original phone. Yhey will have to resort to buying a cheaper handset as they are unable to afford a replacement. Alternatively, they would have to keep on paying the full amount on their contract until it finishes.  This is without reaping all the benefits. This issue can somewhat be mitigated by choosing a SIM only plan. On a monthly contract should you lose your handset you can cancel the contract without a penalty.

Which 3 SIM only is best for your needs?

This is dependent on your usage habits and for what purposes you primarily use your phone. With Three Mobile, you have three choices of pay as you go, SIM only and contract mobile phone deals. Each one is unique and suited for the best requirement that you may need. The 12 months SIM only provides greater value and packs a lot more in the tariff.  You can get extra minutes, texts and data. If you prefer to have the flexibility of a shorter agreement but the benefits of a contract then a 30-day play is suited.

However, if you need total control on what you spend the pay as you go from 3 is best. To choose the right plan write down how much minutes, text and data you use every month.  Then choose a plan higher than what you need if you are currently reaching the top of your allowance. If you download mega amounts of data, you may prefer to be on an unlimited data SIM only deal. Also if you make many voice calls then unlimited minutes is the way forward for you.  There are also many plans in between to also choose from.

Why you should choose 3 SIM only

Benefits of 3 SIM only are very appealing with their flexibility and multiple options available. They offer lower price and better deal on the tariff when compared to your standard mobile contract deals. This type of offer gives you the user full control of the handset you want to use and tariff you want to be on.  Also with Three mobile you get choices like unlimited internet SIM only.  This is not offered by any other network and cheap SIM only contracts from just under £10.